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HRDF served as a support organization for the USNS Comfort mission in Haiti in April 2009


The US Navy Ship Comfort is bringing in 2009 medical, dental and civic action programs to seven Caribbean, Central and South American nations during this four-month humanitarian and civic assistance deployment. This fourth humanitarian naval deployment in the region in the past three years is designed to promote partnership and good will.

Hospital ship USNS Comfort during Continuing Promise 2009 (CP09) medical numbers in Haiti:

Patients treated
Patient encounters:
Surgeries conducted
Animals treated:
Prescriptions filled:


  • Participated in the pre deployment mission planning
  • Highlighted via a video made at SOUTHCOM  the cultural differences of the Haitian patients for the USNS Comfort heath care providers,
  • Advised on the teaching curriculum,
  • Selected and made arrangements for teaching sites
  • Provided  the USNS Comfort trainers with our Haitian staff and translators,
  • Counseled for outpatient clinic, pre and postoperative patients management,
  • Educated the Haitian population on radio, newspapers, small groups about the importance and purpose of the Comfort mission,
  • Encouraged members of the Haitian Medical Association and the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad to support and actively participate in the mission,
  • Participated in the training of Haitian health care provider and of the general public
  • USNS Comfort Team Provides PALS Training to Haitian Docs, Nurses

Posted On: Apr 18 2009
By Airman 1st Class Benjamin Stratton

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (NNS) — Haitian doctors and nurses received pediatric advanced life support (PALS) training April 17 at the University Hospital of Haiti from trained experts currently embarked with hospital ship USNS Comfort during Continuing Promise 2009 (CP09).

CP09 combines U.S. military and interagency personnel, non-governmental organizations, academic and partner nations to provide medical, dental, veterinary and engineering services afloat and ashore alongside host nation personnel.

Comfort crews have provided a series of classes throughout the week. These classes included Basic Life Support (BLS) training, Emergency Nursing Skills Fair (ENSF), Electrocardiogram Central Intravenous Therapy, Adult Advanced Life Support (AALS) training and Pre-hospital life support and CPR training. A total of more than 190 people showed up for these classes.

“This was a very good experience,” said Getho Chertoyte, Haitian orthopedic doctor. “I really look forward to working with the Comfort crews in years to come.”

“We live in an interconnected world as we continue into the 21st Century,” said Doctor Claude Bernard Jeanty, Haiti State University Hospital staff physician and coordinator for the Haitian Resource Development medical projects in Haiti. “Exchange is the keyword as it provides a very concrete benefit and multiple impacts with a positive outcome.”

These classes more than just provide lasting educational value and the international medical community an opportunity to share culture and knowledge, but also a “refreshing course for everything that happens in the field,” Jeanty continued. “Some of these doctors and nurses get a big piece of knowledge by coming here,” he said.

The Haitian Resource Development Foundation prioritizes programs that enable and empower various Haitian locales to further personal and collective independence. Engaging in a range of programs over 20 years, the HRDF continues a commitment to providing measurable results for program beneficiaries and program benefactors. Working with multiple international partners from North America and Europe, the HRDF is committed to fundamental improvements in Haitian villages to ensure greater economic vitality in the near future.