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Improvement of the existing sports complex in Aquin

Improvement of the existing sports complex into a social, recreational, athletic and teaching center for the youth of Aquin.

There is an existing sports complex, “Parc Sportif Dupin Castor Fils”, in Aquin, Haiti which includes a soccer field, a basketball, and tennis court. The main purpose of this project is to develop this complex into a social, recreational, athletic, and teaching center for the youth of Aquin.

The sports complex was originally erected in 1989 by the Doctor Aldy Castor for the youth of Aquin and is currently managed by the Haitian Resource Development Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization.
Profits from activities of the complex are reinvested in either the sports complex or/and the community.

Dr. Castor had acquired more land to expand this existing complex to add:

  • Two basketball/volleyball courts
  • Two tennis courts
  • More bleachers to the existing soccer field to accomodate 500 more spectators.
  • Two locker rooms with toilets and showers for male and female guests.
  • A second building for:

Activities involving ten networked computers in order to teach word processing, database technology, spreadsheet awareness, and multiple other facets of computer technology.

Donations for the improvement of the existing sports complex in Aquin are tax deductible and should be sent to HRDF a Non Governmental Organization [501(C)(3) non profit organization]:
HRDF US Federal Tax ID #72-1074482

Haitian Ressource Development Foundation (HRDF)
201 North Arlington Drive
Lafayette, Louisiana, 70503, USA


The Haitian Resource Development Foundation prioritizes programs that enable and empower various Haitian locales to further personal and collective independence. Engaging in a range of programs over 20 years, the HRDF continues a commitment to providing measurable results for program beneficiaries and program benefactors. Working with multiple international partners from North America and Europe, the HRDF is committed to fundamental improvements in Haitian villages to ensure greater economic vitality in the near future.