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About Dr. Winston W. Riddick

Dr. Winston W. Riddick
Professor of Law
Southern University Law Center
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dr. Winston Riddick has been a full-time professor of law since 1995, and also taught part-time from 1973-1995, at the Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, LA, where he teaches civil law property, constitutional law and administrative law. He earned the J.D. from Louisiana State University Law Center and the Ph.D in Political Science from Columbia University in New York City. 


  • Professor Winston Riddick
  • John Hernandez III, president
  • Louisiana Layers Francophone Section
  • Yvon Jérome, Mayor of Carrefour, Haiti
Photos taken at the Haitian Mayors conference in Lafayette, Louisiana, June 2010

After his first trip to Haiti as part of a Southern University System delegation in 2002, Riddick returned to Haiti three more times as a consultant to the Haitian Resource Development Foundation, consultant and advisor to the Dean and faculty of the University of Haiti Law School, keynote speaker on judicial reform to the 2003 Annual Haitian Bar Association meeting, and consultant to landowners and business interests on legal issues and economic development. He served as a moderator at the Tulane Law School Conference, World Affairs Forum, April 23, 2004, on “The Future of Haiti.”  He also met with Acting President of Haiti, Boniface Alexandre, on his last trip to Haiti.  As an outcome of his Haitian experience and research, Riddick presented the paper on comparative Louisiana and Haiti property regimes at the University of Edinburgh Law School.  On June 14, 2010, he spoke to the AIMF (Association International Mayors Francophone) meeting in Lafayette, LA and met with the Haitian and French mayors to discuss economic reform in Haiti in preparation for this speech in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


The Haitian Resource Development Foundation prioritizes programs that enable and empower various Haitian locales to further personal and collective independence. Engaging in a range of programs over 20 years, the HRDF continues a commitment to providing measurable results for program beneficiaries and program benefactors. Working with multiple international partners from North America and Europe, the HRDF is committed to fundamental improvements in Haitian villages to ensure greater economic vitality in the near future.