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Inauguration of the Program «eRanger» in Aquin (English Version)

Haiti Libre May12, 2012


Project HOPE & HRDF (Haitian Resource Development Foundation) are pleased to announce the inauguration of the eRanger motorcycle ambulance into their emergency medical response training to be held in the hotel Aldy in Aquin from 15 to 19 May 2012. The "Equipe Communautaire pour la Réponse aux Urgences" (ECRU) program is an ongoing effort by Project HOPE and HRDF to help improve the emergency medical response capabilities in the arrondissement of Aquin, it includes:

  • Original French & Creole training materials
  • Basic emergency care training for clinical and prehospital providers Development of an emergency vehicle transport system
  • Emergency telecommunications
  • Train-the-Trainer modules for community-based first aid and emergency response


The first training session in Moto-Ambulance, includes: safe driving skills, safe patient transport techniques, and motorcycle maintenance and repair. The responsibles wish to share their experiences, and hope to extend their network, while planning continues to establish an eRanger Motorcycle-Ambulance Assembly Shop in Aquin.

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