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At present, the W.H.O. estimates that 80 % of the diseases met in the developing countries are binded to water and that those are responsible for 50 % of the infant mortality in the world. So the water, source of life, can also lead to the death when its quality is deficient.

To supply quality water to the population of industrialized countries, numerous treatment stations were developed. These stations are able to treat perfectly several hundreds of thousand tons of water a day and to serve as well the big cities as the small isolated villages. If water supply stations similar to those who were developed in industrial nations begin more and more to be installed in the urban areas of developing countries, the situation is very different in the small isolated rural communities. Generally, the population to serve is reduced and the weak density of population makes expensive the distribution of the water by pipes. Furthermore, it is also necessary to realize that the financial means of these populations are generally extremely limited.

It is in this socioeconomic context that intervenes Hydropur ® , a compact and easily transportable water potabilisation device which can supply quality water to the small isolated rural communities, mainly in developing countries. This device functions completely by gravity, without any mechanical, electric or electronic mechanism. Its starting is extremely simple and doesn’t require any skilled manpower.


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