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A NATIONAL-PREPAREDNESS TRIAD : Specialized Training, Equipment and Supplies for Medical and Community Teams

  • Part 1:  History and Analysis: Awareness, Gaps and Implementation
  • Part 2:  Case Study: Pre-hospital Emergency Response, Petit Goâve
  • Part 3:  Case Study: Filling Two Mission Critical Gaps – Equipment and Supplies

On September 22, 2011, the AMHE sponsored conference, which was held at the American Red Cross in Washington, DC, was by every measure an overwhelming success.  AMHE identified and invited speakers to present on issues that offered a comprehensive look at all aspects of health care in Haiti.  The theme of the conference, Emerging Strategies: Focusing on Comprehensive Healthcare System in Haiti, offered participants an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about the healthcare needs in Haiti and proposed ways to work collaboratively to address them.  In fact, the ambitious goal of the conference, which basically was to bring all factions of the medical community together with governmental representatives as well as non-governmental organizations and academia, to begin a dialogue and to explore ideas, was expertly executed.   Over the two days of the conference, this goal was realized with the tremendous amount of presentations on topic areas ranging from “MSSP Leaders” to “Planning and External Cooperation: NGOs Control”, to “Supporting Organizations in Haiti.”

The discussions were thorough and well researched.   This conference begins the framework for some of the work that AMHE is embarking upon in order to significantly improve health care delivery in Haiti.  As a way of continuing the important discussions that occurred at the conference, AMHE would take the lead to ensure that these partnerships move forward in a cohesive manner: building on the strengths of each organization or entity that enables us to achieve the goal of comprehensive healthcare in Haiti.

AMHE recognizes that this conference could not have had the level of success without the committed involvement of the following partners:  Representatives from the Haitian Ministry of Health , The Haitian Red Cross, US Red Cross, USAID, CDC, PAHO, Project Hope, C.H.A.M.T., AME-SADA, Catholic Relief Services, World Bank, AMH, Haitian Diaspora Federation, Friends of Haiti, IMEC, HRDF, NOAH, PROJECT HOPE ; The Haitian Embassy in Washington, the Commissioner of Broward County;  The Rector and Vice Rector of the State Medical school of Haiti ; Faculty from Calgary University, George Washington University, University of Virginia,  Harvard University, Howard University, Phoenix University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Massachusetts and  Jackson Health System/University of Miami.

As AMHE forges ahead, we plan on continuing to build partnerships which would be inclusive of all aspects of the medical field.  We want to ensure that we provide the opportunity for organizations and individuals alike to coalesce around the important health concerns that affect the people of Haiti.

Sincerest Regards,J. Pierre-Paul Cadet, MD, MBA

Karl E. Latortue, MD President General Secretary

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